Harveys Bristol Cream 75cl


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Product Summary

Rich and full bodied. Bristol Cream sherry. Appearance. Amber. Nose. Clean and fresh with overtones of dry fruit. Palate. Crisp and elegant with fruity grape flavours, backed up by woody and nutty flavours. Finish. Mellow with a velvet smoothness. Harveys was founded in Bristol in 1796. At the time sherry was transported by ship in oak casks and then blended in England. Harveys Bristol Cream was created in 1880 by John Harvey II and his brother Edward. It contains over 30 blends of Fino, Oloroso, Amontillado and the special Pedro Ximenez grape and is a global icon of sherry. By Appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth II Sherry Suppliers Harveys Jerez Spain. Sherry trade between England and Jerez has existed since the 1100s. Harveys was founded in 1796 in the city of Bristol, England. At that time sherry was transported by ship in oak casks and then blended in Bristol. Harveys Bristol Cream was created in the company\u2019s cellars in the 1880s by John Harvey II and his brother Edward. An aristocratic lady who was visiting the cellars was sampling Harveys Bristol Milk. She was asked to try the new, finer and richer blend. \u201CIf that is Milk, then this must be Cream\u201D she declared on tasting the new blend, and Bristol Cream it has been ever since. From 1970 onwards Harveys began investing heavily in the region of Jerez, purchasing top quality vineyards and bodegas and building a bottling plant including the latest technology. All production and distribution ofsherry for world markets is now centred in Jerez. Only wine produced in the area of Jerez, southern Spain can be called sherry.

Preparation & Storage


  • Serve chilled in a wine glass. Harveys&Lemonade. 1 Take a clean highball glass. 2 Fill it with fresh, solid ice cubes. 3 Squeeze in a wedge of lime and drop it into the glass. 4 Measure in 50ml Harveys Bristol Cream. 5 Top up with lemonade, garnish with seasonal fruits, stir and serve. Each Harveys&Lemonade contains approximately 1 unit of alcohol. Fino Sherry Cobbler. 1 Add 2 small orange wedges, 4 fresh pineapple chunks, 10ml sugar syrup, 25ml Bols Triple Sec and 75ml Harveys Fino into a clean Boston glass. 2 Gently muddle together to releasethe juices and essential oils. 3 Fill Boston glass with fresh, solid ice cubes. 4 Shake vigorously for 10-12 seconds. 5 Double strain into a large wine goblet filled with crushed ice, garnish with orange slice, seasonal berries and mint sprig, and serve. Each Fino Sherry Cobbler contains approximately 2 units of alcohol.