Homefire smokeless 10kg


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Product Summary

Lasts 40% longer than coal. 25% less CO2 than traditional housecoal. HETAS approved. Britain's leading smokeless fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Powerful - Excellent sustained heat output. Convenient -Lasts up to 40% longer than traditional housecoal. Long fire life and long refuelling intervals. Environmentally friendly -Up to 25% less CO2 emissions than traditional housecoal. Produces up to 80% less smoke than traditional housecoal. Attractive - Good flame picture. Clean - Little residual unburnt fuel. Homefire is made to conform to the latest environment standards, so it's cleaner to make and easier to use. Each piece burns uniformly providing maximum heat with minimum waste. Homefire is equally at home in a modern, energy efficient multi-fuel stove as itis in a traditional open fire, giving a lovely long lasting fire. For over 30 years, Homefire has been acknowledge as the best smokeless fuel for open fires. Its familiar hexagon shape has now been streamlined into a smoother, more compact briquette to give a long lasting fire with exceptional heat output and low ash. CPL products give you the best of solid fuels. Only CPL, Britain's largest manufacturer if solid fuel, offers such a complete range of quality products for all appliances. For closed appliances there's Phurnacite and Ancit, which is specially recommended for cookers. For open fires and multi-fuel stoves there's Homefire, when only the best will do, or Homefire Ovals, the value for money smokless fuel. Solid Fuel Association

Usage Instructions

  • How to get the best from HomefireLighting&Refuelling1 Place 1 or 2 firelighters on the fire bed and cover with wood kindling.2 Place a layer of Homefire briquettes on top.3 Light the firelighters and adjust the appliance for maximum draught. (For multi-stoves ensuring that the boiler damper, if fitted, is closed and the draught regulator (on ash pit door or fire door) is open.4 When the fire is established, add more Homefire to give a deep fire bed. Adjust draught regulator to achieve required burning rate.Remember For safe and effective use always keep chimneys and flueways clear and ensure your appliance has adequate ventilation. A fireguard should always be used with an open fire if children are in the room or if the room is unoccupied.Authorised for use in smoke control areas.Take care when lifting bag!