Forgotten cuts


Whether it's brisket, topside or lamb's liver, make the most of cheaper, less fashionable cuts of British meat.

Many of these cuts are terms that would have been all too familiar to our mothers and grandmothers - brisket, topside, chuck or half shoulder of lamb - but they have gradually fallen out of fashion in favour of the more familiar sirloin, rump or the loin.

Waitrose is committed to buying the whole carcass which gives farmers an assured market for the entire animal that they rear. But this means that we encourage our customers to cook with a wide variety of different cuts of meat so they can make the most of the great quality meat that our farmers produce for us.

Not only do these cuts represent great value for money, but they are also full of flavour. And because they are from exactly the same carcasses as our better known cuts, it means that the highest standards of farming and animal welfare are guaranteed.

Cuts to look out for include feather steak, shin, shoulder of pork, silverside, brisket, kidney, belly pork, lamb’s liver, oxtail and half shoulder of lamb. Try some of these recipes...

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