10 tips for freezing

Preserving food like leftovers and surplus ingredients in the freezer is a great way to make the most of the food you buy. Just remember to label it with a date

1. Milk


It's fine to freeze it in the carton
but do pour a little out (for
example, into a cup of tea) 
before freezing to leave room
for expansion. Defrost in the
fridge and shake well before 
using. Alternatively freeze in ice
cube trays ready to pop straight
into a cuppa.

2. Eggs


Crack eggs and separate yolks
and whites into separate plastic containers or food bags before freezing - handy for baking. Alternatively beat eggs before freezing - great for omelettes
and scrambled eggs. Put in an airtight container and note the 
number of eggs you’ve used.

3. Bread


Sliced bread can be used straight from the freezer. Loosely tap sliced loaves on the worktop before freezing to help slices come apart when taking out of the freezer.

4. Fruit


Freeze fruit for smoothies and you will never waste it again. Open freeze any leftover berries, or odd pieces of tropical fruit, then transfer to a freezer bag and keep adding fruit in this way as it needs using up, until you have enough.

5. Potatoes


Mashed potato freezes well and can be easily portioned. For perfect roasties, boil potatoes for about five minutes before freezing. Thaw overnight and roast the next day.

6. Batter


Leftover Yorkshire pudding batter, pancakes and waffles freeze brilliantly and are useful to have ready in the freezer for a quick morning meal.

7. Cheese


Grate Cheddar then freeze it 
ready to top pizza or shepherd’s 
pie. Blue cheeses such as Stilton 
can be frozen and defrosted well. 
Avoid soft cheese as freezing changes the texture.

8. Stock


Making your own stock can put your scraps to use, from tired and wilted veg to carrot peelings and chicken carcasses. It'll make a huge difference to the flavour of the food you cook. Remember to cool the stock before freezing.

9. Meat


Freeze leftover meat as well as individual sausages, slices of bacon, chops and so on in greaseproof paper so they don't stick. If your meat’s reached its use-by date, cook it and freeze to use at a later date. Cooked pieces of chicken are ideal for curries and pies.

10. Portions




Freeze meals or foods in individual portions to avoid defrosting more than you need and ending up with waste.