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The Big Issue

The Big Issue Foundation

The Big Issue Foundation is an independently registered charity working alongside the magazine distribution network.

From small regional offices in Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, London, Nottingham and Oxford, we support over 1,300 Big Issue vendors annually to achieve financial stability through their magazine sales whilst, in the process, enabling these vendors to address long standing finance, health, housing and other disadvantages that have previously held them back.

Your support will help realise our vision of creating opportunities that will end poverty and exclusion for more Big Issue vendors nationwide.

Anaphylaxis Campaign

Anaphylaxis Campaign

The Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK wide charity solely focused on supporting people at risk of severe allergic reactions. There is no cure for anaphylaxis, so people at risk have two options: manage their condition and carry adrenaline, a life-saving emergency medication.

We provide information and support to people living with severe allergies through our national helpline, local support groups, campaigns and fundraising events to achieve our ultimate aim, to create a safer environment for all people at risk of severe allergies.

 The Rivers Trust

The Rivers Trust

Water is life and our rivers are the lifeblood of our environment. Without them, our whole ecosystem falls apart. With the increasing threat of climate change, population growth and agricultural intensification, there has never been a more urgent time to protect and improve our rivers.

Together with our 60 local member trusts, we are the only charities in the UK and Ireland, dedicated to protecting and improving river environments for the benefit of people, communities and wildlife.

Join us in our fight for healthy rivers everywhere. Protect rivers, support Rivers Trusts.




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