The breakfast blitz

Healthy eating takes a spin 

Nutrition: 878kj/210kcals/10.5g fat/1.9g saturated fat/23.3g carbohydrate/20.4g sugars/4.3g fibre/5.5g protein/0.1g salt/27mg vitamin C per serving

Nutrition: 451kj/106kcals/0.6g fat/0.1g saturated fat/23.1g carbohydrate/22.4g sugars/3.9g fibre/2.1g protein/trace g salt/84mg vitamin C per serving

Nutrition: 546kj/129kcals/0.5g fat/0.1g saturated fat/28.3g carbohydrate/27.8g sugars/5.4g fibre/2.7g protein/0.1g salt/126mg vitamin C per serving

Morning Marvel smoothies

Morning marvels

These smoothies are full of nutritious goodness, and they're so quick and easy to make. They 
also bring instant colour to a grey day.

Enjoy Vitamin C-rich mango smoothie, with the heat of ginger and cardamom topped with refreshing mint. 

Or try a classic berry smoothie with a twist 
of cinnamon and the addition of kefir – full of fibre and so satisfying.

Which one will you choose this morning?

Mango, cardamom and ginger smoothie with yogurt >

Berry, orange and cinnamon kefir smoothie >