Look no further for delicious, healthy meal ideas. All these recipes have
less than 600kcal per portion and have no red traffic lights for fat, saturated fat, sugar or salt.

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each one has to offer, to help you choose what's right for you.

Sea bass with lemon, fennel & lentils

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Ruby orange & almond quinoa porridge

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All our breakfast are under 400 calories, including this ruby orange and almond quinoa porridge

Caesar salad with eggs & jersey royals

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All our lunches are under 500 calories, including this crisp Caesar salad with eggs and Jersey Royals

Warm roast chicken and quinoa salad with sweet potato, cavolo nero and walnuts

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All our dinners are under 600 calories, including this warm roast chicken and quinoa salad with sweet potato and cavolo nero

Upside-down orange and olive oil cake

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