Asian-style seafood salad


100g Thai Taste Rice Vermicelli Noodle Nests
220g pack Big & Juicy Tiger Prawns, thawed
1 tbsp toasted sesame oil
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp Cooks’ Ingredients Yuzu Juice
1 mango, peeled, stoned and finely diced
1 cucumber portion, lightly peeled, seeded and finely diced
1 small red onion, finely chopped
140g pack Big & Juicy Crayfish Tails
2 tbsp roughly chopped coriander, plus sprigs to garnish
1 little gem lettuce, shredded 



1. Place the noodles in a heatproof bowl. Pour over a kettle of boiling water and set aside for 10 minutes until the noodles have softened. Drain and cool under running water.

2. Meanwhile, cook the tiger prawns in boiling water for 3 minutes until pink and cooked through. Drain and cool under running water.

3. In a large bowl, whisk together the sesame oil, soy sauce and yuzu juice. Add the mango, cucumber, red onion, crayfish tails and chopped coriander and toss lightly together.

4. Toss together the drained noodles and shredded lettuce then pile into the centre of 4 small plates. Spoon over the crayfish salad then top with the tiger prawns (whole or shelled as preferred). Garnish with coriander sprigs and serve.

  • Preparation time: 20 minutes + soaking
  • Cooking time: 5 minutes
  • Total time: 25 minutes 25 minutes

Serves: 4

Nutritional Info

Typical values per serving:

Energy 989kJ
Fat 4.9g
Saturated Fat 0.9g
Carbohydrate 30.3g
Sugars 9.2g
Protein 17.2g
Salt 1.1g
Fibre 2.1g

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