Bean & Bacon Cobbler

Easy, delicious & relatively healthy. Dumplings without the suet. Great comfort food.


  • 1 large onion
    1tbsp olive oil
    4 sticks celery
    350g crushed tomatoes (or 400g tin chopped tomatoes)
    150ml (1/4pt) Chicken Stock
    400g Butter Beans
    Bacon Rashers

    85g (3oz) Butter
    225g (8oz) Self-raising flour
    2tsp dried mixed herbs
    175ml (6 fl oz) milk


  1. Preheat oven to 200deg/Gas 6/fan 180 Cut Bacon rashers and set aside - save some separately for the topping. Fry onion in the oil for 2-3mins. Add Bacon and celery. Add tomatoes and stock boil and simmer for 20mins. The add beans and seasoning.
  2. For the cobbler: Rub the butter into the flour. Stir in the herbs, salt and milk.
  3. Put the sauce in the dish (3pt/1.7L dish). Spoon over the topping and scatter with reserved bacon. Bake for 25-30mins till golden. You can add cooked chicken or sausages as well as extra veg such as courgette and mushrooms to the sauce for a more filling meal or hungry growing children!
  • Total time: 1.5hours

Serves: 4

5 stars

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