Coconut ice cream

Super creamy and dairy-free, too.

Serves: 8 - 10


225g caster sugar

400ml can coconut milk

2 x 160ml cans coconut cream

3 tbsp dark rum (optional)


1. Heat the sugar in a small pan with 4 tbsp water, stirring over a medium heat until dissolved and you have a thick syrup. Mix the coconut milk and cream in a large jug with a large pinch of salt, then whisk in the warm sugar syrup and add the rum (if using). Cover with cling film and chill until cold – about 1-2 hours.

2. Either churn in an ice-cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions or pour into a shallow plastic or metal container and freeze for 1 hour, then whisk thoroughly to break up any ice crystals. Repeat once more, then, for the third and final time, blend in a food processor until combined and return to the freezer for at least 4 hours.

3. Put the ice cream in the fridge 5 minutes before serving, to soften slightly. Use a warm ice cream scoop to serve, with homemade coconut flakes alongside, if liked.