Festive martini

The clean, crisp taste of vodka makes a great base for cocktails and these two offer a range of flavours, from a sweet and spicy martini to a fizzy cocktail with a citrus zing. 

Serves: 2


75ml Grey Goose Vodka
1-2 tsp dark brown muscovado sugar
2 whole cloves
½ cinnamon stick
2 slices fresh root ginger
5 ice cubes
2 tsp dry vermouth
2 orange peel twists, to serve 


1. Stir together the vodka, sugar, cloves, cinnamon and fresh ginger in a jug and chill for up to 24 hours until the sugar has dissolved.

2. Add the infused vodka to a shaker along with the ice cubes and the vermouth and shake well together. Strain into 2 small martini glasses and serve each with a twist of orange peel.