Heston's fruit cup jelly & ice cream

Simple to make, fresh and fruity – the ideal summer dessert’ Heston Blumenthal

Makes: 4-5


For the jelly:

260g Heston from Waitrose Fruit Cup
260g ginger ale
5g orange zest,
5g lime zest,
5g fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
10g mint leaves, picked
10g gelatine leaf

For the fruit salad:

30g Tate & Lyle Fruit Sugar (fructose)
12 strawberries
50g cucumber, peeled and diced
12 raspberries
12 blueberries
12 blackberries
1 Granny Smith apples, diced
1 orange, peeled and cut into segments
10 mint leaves
6g orange peel, finely zested


1.  In a bowl, place the fruit cup, ginger ale, citrus zest, ginger and mint leaves, cover and place in the fridge. Allow to infuse for 4 hours. Strain through a fine sieve.

2. Place the gelatine in a bowl with cold water in order to hydrate it.

3. Place 100g of the strained liquid in a pan over medium heat and add the softened gelatine. Stir until the gelatine has completely melted. Add the melted mixture back to the rest of the liquid.

4. Fill the glasses one third of the way up. Place in the fridge and allow to set for 4 hours.

5. For the fruit salad: mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl, cover and allow to stand in the fridge for 15 minutes in order to macerate the fruits.

6. To serve: place a spoonful of the fruit salad on top of the jelly. Place a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top.