Heston's plum fizz

‘Put a bit of fizz into Mother’s Day with this refreshingly lively, fruity, flavourful cocktail.’ Heston

Serves: 6


20 plums, stones removed and finely sliced
175g Tate & Lyle Fruit Sugar (fructose)
25g caster sugar
200g fresh pressed apple juice
1 whole vanilla pod
75cl bottle of Champagne


1. Place all of the ingredients, except the Champagne, together in a bowl, cover the bowl with clingfilm and place over a pan of simmering water for 1 hour.

2. Strain and reserve the liquid, and keep the plum slices to serve with the granola (recipe, page 16) or freeze for future use. Cool down the liquid as soon as possible.

3. To serve, measure 45ml of the plum liquid, pour into a chilled Champagne flute and top up with chilled Champagne.