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Lamb bootees

Simple lamb dish best served with roast parnips, carrots and potatoes and green veg

  • Total time: 1.30

Serves: 4


  • 2 lamb fillets 250-300 grams each
    1 Small pkt pate
    small pkt parma ham
    1pkt puff pastry
    1 egg whisked for glaze and sealing pastry
    olive oil


  1. put oil in pan and seal lamb fillets all over. remove from pan. now place you roasting veg in pan and gently fry turning till coated all over. then move to roasting pan and put in oven temp 180 C middle shelf
  2. cut puff pastry in half and roll out to 9 inch squarex2. place lamb in middle of pastry place half the pate on top and layer ham on top of pate. brush egg around edge of pastry and wrap contents. brush egg over top of pastry. move to baking tray
  3. 30 minutes after put veg on to roast, remove veg, turn over and put back in oven on top shelf. Put lamb bootees on middle shelf. also put on to steam the green veg for 30 minutes.
  4. after 20 minutes check bootees pastry to see if cooked if so remove to let rest, put on water or stock for gravy, make gravy after 30 check veg is cooked, cut bootees in half and serve with veg and gravy.

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