low fat shepherds pie

lots of grated carrot in this shepherds pie is my low fat winnng top tip!!!!!!!!!!! less mince more carrot cheaper and low fat plus filling result

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This is so low fat. quick easy and cheap! Everyone loves comfort food, This is great for sunday lunch.The carrot really makes this sweet, I use this as a base mix for lasagne.bolagnase and chilli


  • 200g lean minced beef
    10 large carrots
    cup of peas
    2 onions
    4 large potatoes
    splash of milk


  1. 1,Dry fry mince with chopped onion 1,Chop up 5 carrots pop into bowl with an inch of water for 8mins and microwave 3,Cut and chop potatoes put in a pan and boil untill soft mash adding only a splash of milk 4,grate the 5 carrots you have left and put in pan with mince and onions 5,Pop the chopped carrots into the mince and onion with the peas a splash of water and 3 tsp of bisto 6,Put the mixture into a large lasagne shaped dish 7,Put the mash on top and fluff into peaks
  • Total time: 10 mins prep + 20 mins cooking

Serves: 6

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