No-bake raspberry cheesecakes

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes + thawing and chilling time
  • Total time: 10 minutes + thawing and chilling time

Serves: 4


200g frozen essential Waitrose Raspberries
2 tbsp blackcurrant cordial or squash
6 essential Waitrose Rich Highland Shortie Biscuits
250g pack Waitrose Lighter Soft Cheese
100g essential Waitrose Greek Style Natural Yogurt
2 tbsp essential Waitrose Pure Clear Honey 


1. Place the frozen raspberries in a bowl, pour over the cordial
or squash and leave to thaw.

2. Meanwhile, crush the biscuits and divide the crumbs equally between 4 small glass tumblers.

3. Stir together the soft cheese, yogurt and honey. Spoon over the biscuit crumbs, cover with clingfilm and chill until ready to serve.

4 . Stir the thawed raspberries and spoon over the top of the cheesecakes just before serving.