Party Nibbles- Smoked salmon and Home-made Croutons

This is the party season! You don't want to cook a meal for guests that come to parties, you need nibbles! This is one of my favourite nibble that my Mum does for a party!

People served 6+ by how many you make!


  1. Packaged Smoked Salmon- About 6-7 slices
  2. Bread- 4-5 slices
  3. 1 Lemon- to garnish
  4. Tablespoon of cooking Oil
  1. Frying pan
  2. A nice serving platter


Slice the salmon so they are in strips of about 5-6cm.
While doing this put your oil in the pan so it heats up. while doing this slice bread into reasonable sized squares. Small enough just to pop in your mouth.
Fry the bread so it goes golden brown, crispy and crunchy. Cook to your eye and what texture you want by checking the bread. If you're worried about cooking it, make a tester first.
When cooked, put them on a plate which has kitchen towel on the bottom. Leave them to rest for a few minutes while excess oil gets soaked up and they start to go crunchy.
Once this is done you can start to arrange the croutons on the platter. Put the salmon strips on top making a wave pattern.
Finally garnish with your lemon juice and serve!!
If you want to do a twist on this recipe, to make it lighter, use cream cheese and to garnish, chives! They make a great alternative for a summer party.
  • Total time: 5-7 minutes

Serves: 6

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