Peach, prosciutto and pecorino salad

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 0 minutes
  • Total time: 10 minutes

Serves: 4


90g wild rocket
4 Waitrose 1 Perfectly Ripe Pearl Blush peaches, cut into wedges
80g prosciutto crudo
50g pecorino romano
2 tbsp snipped chives
1 tbsp pomegranate molasses 
½ lemon, juice
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil


1. Arrange the rocket and peaches on a large serving platter. Tear over the prosciutto, then, using a vegetable peeler, slice thin shavings of pecorino over the top. Sprinkle over the chives. Using a fork, whisk together the pomegranate molasses, lemon juice and olive oil. Drizzle over the salad and grind over some black pepper before serving. SF