Pork shoulder steaks

I made this on a self-catering holiday in an unknown oven, it is a very forgiving recipe, with simple ingredients I had in the cupboard.


  • 2 x British pork shoulder steaks (cost £1.90!!)
    1 Bramley apple peeled and cored and chopped
    1 half deseeded green chilli chopped
    1 clove garlic chopped
    1 Knorr stock cube crumbled (I only had beef one)
    3 spring onions chopped small (ordinary onion wd do)
    good splash of white wine, good splash water
    (dont add too much liquid, you dont want it afloat)
    a little oil for frying


  1. In ovengoing heavy casserole fry off the pork steaks and apple chunks until browned over medium/high heat, then add chopped garlic, chilli and stir and fry off for a minute, add splash wine and fry off for a minute, crumble in stock cube, add splash of water, bring to simmering, and cover and put the casserole in oven for 90 minutes on reasonably medium/ high heat so that fat in the pork shoulder dissolves and pork becomes succulent and apple transforms into puree in the spiced sauce... sauce is thin and brownish but delish. Serve with boiled new potates. Whoops sorry, I put all the steps in Step 1. No time to re-do. Sorry.
  • Total time: 90 mins + 10 mins prep.

Serves: 2

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