Scary fruit crush

This unearthly-looking concoction is the perfect Halloween drink – and can be adapted for kids or grown-ups.


2-3 tbsp clear honey

coloured sugar (such as Dr Oetker Neon Sugar)

500ml apple and mango juice

250ml orange juice

2 large limes, juice

green food colouring

2 tbsp grenadine syrup

200g jelly snakes


1. To prepare the glasses, gently warm the honey in a small pan or in a small dish in the microwave and transfer to a small shallow dish or saucer. Put the coloured sugar in another. Dip the rims of 4 glasses into the honey, then the sugar; set aside.

2. Put the juices in a blender with about 20 ice cubes and blend well into a thick slush. Half-fill the prepared glasses, add a couple of drops of the food colouring to each and lightly swirl with a cocktail stick. Top with the remaining crush. Pour some grenadine over the top of each drink and garnish with jelly snakes.

Serves: 4

3 stars

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