Steamed Salmon over Seaweed

Salmon that tastes of the sea Healthy good protein,vitamins and minerals. No added fat

My recipe is:

  • Deliciously fishy

Why should your recipe win?
Great nutrition easy to prepare and cook. My children loved to make this when they started cooking.

  • Total time: 5 minutes prep + 6 minutes cooking

Serves: 1


  • 4oz ( 120g) Salmon fillet (trimmed and bones removed)
    dried seaweed (wakame)
    salt and pepper
    1 tbs dry white wine
    Serve with new Potatoes and crisp steamed vegetables


  1. Soften the seaweed by soaking in cold water. Spread some seaweed on a large piece of foil, set the fish on it and cover with more seaweed. Season with salt and pepper, add the dry white wine to moisten the fish. Seal carefully, making sure that the foil is loose and does not touch the fish. Cook in the oven at 375deg.F, 190deg C or gas mark 5 for 6 minutes. When ready, carefully remove the fish from the foil, arrange some seaweed on a plate lay fish on top, our over juice and serve .