Veal escalopes with porcini mushrooms

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 20 minutes
  • Total time: 30 minutes 30 minutes

Serves: 4


15g Cooks’ Ingredients Porcini Mushrooms
15g butter
1 shallot, sliced
1 clove garlic, crushed
4 tbsp Blandy’s Duke of Clarence Madeira
1 small Savoy cabbage, shredded
4 Waitrose British Veal Escalopes
Vegetable oil, to brush
¼ tsp grated nutmeg
4 tbsp double cream


1. Soak the mushrooms in 150ml boiling water for 10 minutes then drain, reserving the liquid. Chop the mushrooms. Melt the butter in a medium pan and sauté the shallot and garlic together over a medium heat for 2 minutes until softened. Add the mushrooms and cook together for a couple of minutes. Add the Madeira and shredded cabbage followed by the mushroom liquid and seasoning. Cover and cook gently for 4-5 minutes until the cabbage is tender.

2. Heat a griddle or frying pan until very hot. Brush the escalopes with oil and season. Cook for 5-6 minutes turning once until cooked through. Transfer to warmed serving plates and leave to rest.

3 Add the nutmeg and cream to the cabbage and mushrooms and bring to simmering point. Serve with the veal escalopes and mashed potatoes or even tagliatelle.