Very Berry Ice Breaker Cocktail With Roquefort, Walnut & Honey Bites

Treat guests to this fun and fruity cocktail, paired with a simple  but delicious canapĂ©.


Very berry ice breaker cocktail:
150g frozen blackberries
large handful fresh mint
300ml blueberry juice drink
900ml Waitrose apple juice with ginger soda water, to top

Roquefort, walnut and honey bites:
8 red chicory leaves, halved widthways
4 small figs, sliced
50g roquefort, sliced
16 walnut halves
1 tbsp clear honey


Very Berry Ice Breaker Cocktail (serves 8):
1. Place the blackberries and mint in the bottom of a jug and lightly crush (the base of a rolling pin works well). Add the blueberry juice and the apple and ginger juice, then stir to mix. Fill the jug with cubed or crushed ice, then top with a little soda. Pour into highball glasses filled with more cubed or crushed ice and garnish with more mint sprigs.

Roquefort, walnut and honey bites (makes 16):
1. Take a chicory leaf, top with a fig slice, a slice of roquefort and a walnut half. Drizzle over a little honey and serve.