British cherries

you can taste when our cherries are perfectly in seasonyou can taste when our cherries are perfectly in season

Home-grown cherries are at their best now: ripe and ready to eat just as they are or used in desserts, bakes and even savoury dishes. Their season is short, with its peak in July and early August, so catch them while you can. Discover where our cherries come from, and find tips and recipes to make the most of their juicy goodness

image of British cherriesimage of British cherries

Pick of the bunch

At Waitrose & Partners, we take our cherries from orchards in Kent, Herefordshire and Perthshire. Working with expert growers, we select varieties which deliver on appearance, size and flavour, buying the larger cherries in the crop, so you get more fruit and less stone. Our cherries are hand-picked and then graded to ensure the quality remains consistent. Because they don’t have to travel far after picking, home-grown cherries can be left on the tree for longer, soaking up the sunshine and getting plenty of time to grow big and juicy and to develop their rich, sweet flavour

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Know your varieties

As the cherry season progresses, you’ll see different varieties appearing on the shelves. These include Kordia, a distinctive heart-shaped cherry, with an intense deep purple colour; Regina, deep red with satin-smooth skin and a really intense flavour; and Sweetheart, a firm, sweet and flavourful cherry with a cheery red colour

cherry recipescherry recipes

A classic with duck, cherries also add a pop of juicy sweetness to salads, and, of course, they’re a time-honoured pairing with almond in cakes and desserts. There are so many ways to use this versatile fruit, so take a look at some of our favourites


image of cherry pavlovaimage of cherry pavlova


Fresh cherry pavlova

Make cherries the hero in this spectacular summer dessert

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Baked cherry swirl cheesecake

Pretty in purple, this cheesecake recipe is a real show-stopper dessert

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image of mascarpone & cherry ripple ice creamimage of mascarpone & cherry ripple ice cream


Mascarpone & cherry ripple ice cream

A lovely rich no-churn ice cream with ripples of homemade cherry compote

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dividerimage of roast cherry & chocolate mess


Roast cherry & chocolate mess

Cherries are roasted briefly with pomegranate molasses to bring out their sweetness, then layered with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

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image of cherry and almond muffinsimage of cherry and almond muffins


Cherry & almond muffins

These dairy-free muffins are full of classic Bakewell flavours, and make a divine mid-afternoon snack

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dividerimage of chocolate & cherry torte


Chocolate & cherry torte

Chocolate and cherries – what’s not to love? Serve this rich, dense chocolate torte for a special dessert

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image of martha’s cherry pieimage of martha’s cherry pie


Martha’s cherry pie

A classic cherry pie with buttery pastry is perfect to round off a Sunday lunch

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How to pit cherries

To pit a cherry (without a cherry pitter), either use the tip of a piping nozzle or chopstick. Hold the cherry over a bottle neck and push the stone out the other side and into the bottle

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you can taste when its Waitrose & Partners, find out moreyou can taste when its Waitrose & Partners, find out more