Mixed Baby Tomatoes

We grow the smallest, sweetest varieties for our punnets of mixed baby tomatoes –and every single one is picked by hand. They’re a mixture of beautiful reds, yellows, greens, golds and browns – perfect for fresh, seasonal salads. Discover where our baby tomatoes come from, and find recipes to make the most of them

Eat the rainbow

Working closely with our expert growers, we select up to five varieties of different colours that not only look gorgeous but taste intensely sweet, too. The tomatoes are checked for flavour and appearance as they grow, then picked by hand. The colours are mixed before they’re put into punnets and on our shelves

Full of flavour

The secret to growing the sweetest, most intensely flavoured tomatoes is sunshine – and lots of it. That’s why our tomatoes come from Spain during the winter and the UK and Belgium during the summer


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These pretty tomatoes are fabulous just as they are in simple salads, or you can dial up their intensity by slow-cooking. Here are a few of our favourite tomato recipes

Perfect panzanella

Try them with ciabatta, peppery olive oil and fragrant basil in this classic Tuscan-style dish

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Slow roasted tomato, ricotta and basil galette

Slow roasting gives the tomatoes in this easy tart even more flavour

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Pan-fried sea bream with cannellini beans and tomatoes

This quick dish is ready in only 20 minutes, and is a lovely light dish for a summer's evening

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Tomato salad with summer herb labneh and dukkah

Let ripe tomatoes shine in a fresh salad with cooling homemade labneh

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