Image of sweet potatoes
Image of sweet potatoes

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What’s delicious in October

Autumn is a magical time for British produce. From crunchy apples in warm salads and squidgy bakes to sweet potatoes for everything from curries to cakes. Seasonal celeriac may be underrated, but it brings a subtle nutty flavour to roasts, stir fries, risottos and much more

Image of Roasted celeriac stir fry


Roasted celeriac stir fry

Roasting enhances celeriac's sweet, slightly nutty flavour. In this recipe, it’s stir fried in a delicious soy-based dressing 

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Image of Apple Fritters


Apple fritters with cinnamon sugar

For a speedy pud, try these classic apple fritters made with Royal galas swept through a light batter. Serve warm on their own or with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

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Image of Sweet potato and coconut curry

sweet potatoes

Sweet potato and coconut curry

A quick and comforting coconut curry ideal for chillier evenings. Serve with chapatis or steamed basmati rice 

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Royal gala apples

These blush-coloured apples have a sweet, floral flavour and are agreeably versatile. Sliced and tossed through a salad, they contrast beautifully with sharp lettuce and salty cheese. They’re also brilliant in baking – fold through a light batter to make classic apple fritters


Don’t be put off by its knobbly appearance – once peeled, there’s a gem inside! Celeriac’s rich flavour makes a terrific match for roast pork or chicken – try it mashed or roasted with thyme, rosemary or sage. Alternatively, keep things fresh with a classic French remoulade: thinly sliced and mixed through a creamy, mustard-spiced sauce

Evangeline sweet potatoes

Sweet, with deep orange flesh, you probably can’t beat crispy roasted wedges, lightly spiced with paprika and drizzled with a garlicky dressing. However, sweet potatoes also go well with creamy sauces and are wonderful in comforting curries. Like other root vegetables, they bake beautifully in cakes for a delightfully squidgy result