Potty Training Nappies

Potty training guide

Step 1

Say goodbye to nappies

Give your toddler a clear signal that an exciting change is happening by putting the nappies away and bringing out the pull-ups. Huggies Pull-Ups are designed to help children potty train with confidence..

Step 2

Practice makes perfect

Potty training combines many complex tasks, Practice is essential, so start with one skill at a time, such as sitting on the potty. Consistency and repetition lets kids feel safe and in control helping them to learn.

Step 3

Celebrate success

It’s important to encourage your little one when potty training. Set small goals to give them something to strive for and reward successes with lots of praise and maybe a treat!

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Top tip #1 - make it fun

Make potty training a fun, positive experience for your child. Try getting them to read a book or blow bubbles while sitting on the potty