Usage allowances

Our 5GB package includes:

Total 5GB a month
General web browsing 125 hours a week
Sending/receiving photos (by email) 125 per week
Downloading MP3s 75 per week
Sending/receiving emails (no attachments) 1000 per week
Watching videos 75 minutes per week
Online gaming 5 hours per week

How long is a usage period?

Your usage period runs from the first day of the calendar month to the last day of the calendar month.

What counts towards my broadband usage?

Usage is the aggregate of downloads (data from the Internet to your computer) and uploads (data from your computer to the Internet).

How will I know what my usage is?

If you do ever get near to 5GB in a month, we will also email you to let you know that you may be about to exceed your inclusive usage for that month. You can log in to My Account at any time and check your usage for the current or any previous months.

What happens if I go over my monthly usage allowance?

Additional usage above 5GB will be charged at £1.96 per GB (or part thereof). Additional usage accrued in a month will be added to your next invoice. The maximum amount that you could be billed in any one month is £99.99.