Customer information notices


Product Recall - M&M Crispy Pouch 107g


Brand: Mars

Best Before affected:

23.01.2022 & 30.01.2022

Batch Codes:

125A1HAG03, 125A2HAG03, 125A3HAG03, 125B1HAG03, 125B2HAG03, 125B3HAG03, 125C1HAG03, 125C2HAG03, 125G3HAG03, 126A1HAG03, 126A2HAG03, 126A3HAG03, 126B1HAG03, 126B2HAG03, 126B3HAG03, 126C1HAG03 & 126C2HAG03

Mars Wrigley is recalling the above line due to the presence of a genetically modified organism (GMO) in an ingredient.

● Do not consume

● Package up item

● Return the product to your local Waitrose & Partners branch for a full refund

Contact: or 0800 9520 077