About our food 

At Waitrose & Partners, we believe everything we do goes into everything you taste. We only work with farmers and growers we know and trust, who share our values and passion for bringing you great quality food.

From championing British produce to upholding animal welfare, we strive to provide the best quality food sourced in the most responsible way.

We work closely with our farmers to ensure all the animals that provide our meat, poultry, eggs, milk and fish products are reared to award-winning high farm animal welfare standards. Because rearing healthy, happy livestock is vital to ensuring the quality of the food we sell. 

Here's why we're proud to stand behind our standards: 

Waitrose & Partners has won best retailer in Europe for our farm animal welfare standards for the third time in a row

Animal campaign group Compassion in World Farming awarded our farm welfare practices the best against 27 other European retailers, including 10 in the UK. And we are proud to be one of only five food businesses globally to rank in the top tier of benchmarking for welfare standards.

We want to bring our approach to the whole food industry, that’s why we set ourselves stretching targets. Our livestock deserves to be treated well, and so does everyone else's.

Find out why we’re winning animal welfare awards >

Waitrose 1 free-range British chicken thigh

No.1 free range corn fed chicken thigh fillets

Waitrose Duchy Organic Free Range British Whole Chicken

Waitrose Duchy Organic free range British whole chicken

essential Waitrose British chicken breast fillet

Essential Waitrose British
chicken breast fillet

essential Waitrose white eggs

essential Waitrose
free-range white eggs

British blacktail free range eggs

Waitrose British Blacktail mixed
weight free-range eggs

Duchy organic eggs

Waitrose Duchy Organic
large free-range eggs 

Waitrose Duchy Organic English salted butter

Waitrose Duchy Organic English salted butter

Waitrose Duchy Organic semi-skimmed milk

Waitrose Duchy Organic semi-skimmed milk 

essential Waitrose Single Cream

essential Waitrose
single cream

Waitrose 1 sausages

Waitrose 1 free-range
pork sausages 

Waitrose 1 lean pork mince

Waitrose 1 British
free-range lean pork mince

Waitrose pork crackling roast

Waitrose & Partners
boneless British pork
crackling leg roast

Waitrose fresh line-caught Tuna Steaks

Waitrose & Partners fish counter fresh line-caught
tuna steak

Waitrose & Partners
Scottish loch trout fillets

Waitrose & Partners skinless
and boneless cod fillets