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Waitrose Foundation Kenya

The Waitrose Foundation Kenya was launched in 2009, to cover the supply of vegetables and flowers. The supply base in Kenya not only consists of large farms but also includes many smallholders growing green beans on plots as small as one acre.

The workers’ committees have chosen a diverse group of projects ranging from the purchase of an industrial washer/dryer to meet the daily needs of washing nappies at a crèche for 120 babies, to the equipping of a training centre with computers and books, through to provision of vocational training for a group of farm workers around Naivasha.

One of the most exciting projects involves the provision of solar lighting to a village community where there is no power and the only lighting available is by kerosene lanterns. Although solar lighting is widely used in the UK despite our lack of sunshine, it is largely unavailable in African due to its high cost. The equipment being sourced is both affordable and robust and could prove to be a huge opportunity for farming communities and villages throughout Africa.

Working with the local community councils, over 20 projects are now running and more than £750,000 has been raised so far.

Some project examples from Kenya can be found below:


Ravine Roses Kibiasiso Street Lighting Project

The lighting has been installed on the major footpath where workers pass on their way home in the evenings and it is also on the footpath between the Resource centre and the homes.

The solar powered street lighting project will help increase security for people working late or those walking home from the resource centre after dark.



Kibiasiso Street Lighting3

Sunripe Savannah Gas Cooker Purchase Project

Workers in Naivasha town have for a long time used charcoal and firewood as a power source to prepare meals for their families. Though a cheap power source, it is slow meaning some family members miss breakfast due to the long preparation times. During the rainy season it is particularly problematic as the firewood is too damp to be used.

It is due to the challenges experienced during the rainy season and the collection of firewood that workers opted for a faster, safer and cost effective method for cooking meals.

The Foundation funded the purchase of gas cookers for the workers; which was well accepted and will go a long way in easing the challenges experienced by farm workers who are at times picked up very early in the morning hours to go to work.

With the new cookers, both farm workers and their children will be able to go to work and school having had a warm breakfast on cold Kenyan mornings.

Sunripe Savannah gas Cooker
Sunripe Savannah gas Cooker 2

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