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Rich, buttery and beautifully light, Waitrose 1 Classic Panettone is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The Waitrose 1 range offers the very best of Waitrose & Partners, and this superior panettone is made at a second-generation Italian bakery where traditional skills are combined with the highest-quality ingredients.

Using a live yeast starter (the lievito madre, or ‘mother dough’) that has been lovingly nurtured since 1964, the butter-enriched dough is studded with a generous helping of sultanas, Calabrian orange peel and Diamante citron peel. It’s then slow-proved and baked before being hung upside-down to cool for eight hours, finishing off this historic 58-hour process. Which all goes to show you can’t rush perfection.

Waitrose 1 Classic Panettone is delicious with morning coffee. Or for something truly indulgent, try spreading mascarpone on toasted slices of panettone, then add fresh figs and a drizzle of honey. You can also use up any leftovers by making a festive bread and butter pudding.

Here’s your opportunity to win a delicious Waitrose 1 Classic Panettone plus a Waitrose & Partners Indulgent Hamper worth £100, which is brimming with Waitrose 1 drinks and nibbles.

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