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Serve up something deliciously different this Easter with Waitrose & Partners Easter Colomba Cake. In its native Italy, this soft and fragrant sweet bread is traditionally baked on Good Friday then enjoyed over the coming week. It’s shaped to resemble a flying dove, a symbol of peace and unity (its Italian name colomba di Pasqua translates as ‘Easter dove’), and tastes every bit as beautiful as it looks.

Just like panettone, Easter colomba cake is baked very slowly with only natural ingredients. But unlike panettone, there are no raisins in the dough. Instead it is filled with candied orange and finished with a sweet, nutty topping. Enjoy a slice with your afternoon tea, try it with fresh red berries and cream, or drizzle with melted chocolate for an indulgent finish to your Easter lunch.

The cake is believed to originate as far back as the 6th century, when Alboin, king of the Lombards, received a dove-shaped cake as a symbol of peace. The first ingredients were very simple: eggs, flour and yeast. These days, Waitrose & Partners Easter Colomba Cake is made in Italy by a family bakery using a live yeast starter (the lievito madre, or ‘mother dough’) that has been lovingly nurtured since 1964.

It’s part of our newly expanded range of seasonal treats which also includes a really special hot cross bun panettone and crowd-pleasing chocolate nest cake.

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