DNA nudge

Exclusive offer for myWaitrose cardholders: 

Save 20% on a DnaNudge Nutrition Package*

*Offer valid on a DnaNudge Nutrition Package, RRP £120. Each Nutrition Package includes:
1x DNA test, 1x Black or White DnaBand, 1x White DnaCapsule and 1x Charger.

Available in-store at Waitrose & Partners Canary Wharf, John Lewis & Partners White City, DnaNudge’s flagship store
in Covent Garden, or via mail from the NudgeConcierge service – visit dnanudge.com for details.


Shop with your DNA

The world's first DNA-based service that nudges you towards healthier choices while you're shopping. DnaNudge's ground-breaking innovation is a quick genetic test, which generates a personalised DNA report in a couple of hours, with key nutrition-related health traits – all from a simple cheek swab. Then, using the DnaNudge smartphone App and wrist-worn DnaBand, you can scan more than 500,000 food and drink product barcodes – to check a product's suitability for your personal genetic profile, green for good and red for not so good. 

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Eat right, move more

The colour-customisable DnaBand also monitors physical inactivity, enabling the DnaNudge App to dynamically adapt its recommended product choices based on your inactivity levels during the day. A food product that was green for you may now be amber. To get it back to green, you just need to move a little.

Available in-store at DnaNudge's flagship Covent Garden store, via mail from the NudgeConcierge service – visit dnanudge.com for details, or from DnaNudge pop-up's at Waitrose & Partners Canary Wharf and John Lewis & Partners White City.

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Terms and conditions

Each holder of a valid myWaitrose card (“Card”) shall be entitled to a twenty percent discount (“Discount”) on a DnaNudge Nutrition Package worth £120, purchased from DnaNudge Limited (“DnaNudge”) in the period 1 January 2020 to close of business 29 February 2020, subject to the following terms:

Your card number must be provided when claiming the Discount and this will be recorded by DnaNudge and notified by them to the John Lewis Partnership, as defined in the Privacy Notice

The offer is subject to DnaNudge’s Terms and Conditions of Service which can be viewed at https://www.dnanudge.com

Only 10 discounts may be claimed per card. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer nor promotion. The offer can be amended or withdrawn at any time.