Healthy dinner party recipes

Healthy dinner party recipes

Entertaining can be tough when you or your guests are trying to make healthier choices.

From calorie counting to reducing sugar or salt intake, it can be tricky to navigate a three-course menu, not to mention the nibbles and drinks. So whether you're hosting or bringing a dish to a gathering, here are some ideas to help you enjoy a dinner party while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Nutritionist's top tips
Nutritionist Nicola Selwood

Waitrose nutritionist Nicola Selwood recommends
the following tips and clever hacks to navigate
any foodie occasion. 

"If you're hosting a dinner party this January, then the chances are you'll have a guest on a diet.  After over-indulging at Christmas,
many of us want to be that little bit healthier in the new year and dinner parties don't have to mean calorie-laden dishes."

Three course menu
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