If you're out and about entertaining your troops we've suggested some easy picnic ideas to help keep all the family happy in the summer sun.



Super sandwiches

Simplicity at its best, the humble sandwich is always a crowd pleaser. Ham, cheese and cucumbers are all classics, but don’t miss out on delicious deli fillers and pâté.


Sausage rolls

The big easy

Make the most of a very British summer with a very British picnic – we’re talking pork pies, scotch eggs, scones, quiches and sausage rolls. 



Healthy snacks

Delicious and nutritious, fresh fruit and veg make perfect picnic snacks. Save time in the kitchen with our prepared varieties.  


Picnic dips

Altogether now

Picnics are all about sharing great food with great company. Crisps, dips and mezze selections such as flatbreads, olives, houmous are made for family feasts.



All the small things

Make your picnic picture perfect with colourful plates, patterned napkins, and cosy rugs.