The arrival of summer makes us feel instantly sensational. As a mood-lifter, the sun’s power is unrivalled. Energy levels soar and rising temperatures make us want to peel off at least a few layers, if not strip down to a bikini. (Or a nice Lycra- powered all-in-one, in my case.) 

However, just like cooking a seriously spectacular meal, a truly beautiful summer takes a little preparation. And, just as importantly, the products, too. I can’t help but agree with the beauty team at Harper’s Bazaar, who recently wrote: ‘Think of Waitrose, you think of food... But there’s also an impressive beauty aisle, with a wealth of brilliant brands to discover.’

So here’s my edit: the products to help you look (and feel) your best, until the sun sets on what we all hope is a blissful summer. Happy holidays! 

Jo Fairley