Baby weaning guide

Weaning your baby

Weaning is a special time to cement the bond formed between you and your baby through food. Understandably, many new parents are anxious about weaning as there’s a lot of information to take in. Try not to worry, follow our simple guide to find out the best time to start weaning your baby, dos and don’ts, recipes and more. This will help weaning be a creative, fun and enjoyable time.

What is weaning?

Weaning is the transition of your baby getting all of their nutrients from just milk alone to an increasing reliance on getting vital nutrients from food too. 

This period is more about:

  • Introducing new flavours and textures
  • Getting your baby used to taking food into their mouth and swallowing, rather than sucking
  • Allowing your baby to look at and explore foods

Although weaning is often called starting solids, the first foods you introduce are usually quite runny and soft, just because it is easier to swallow. Many babies are also quite happy to gum a carrot or cucumber stick though, especially if they are teething.

For more information

Download the Department of Health’s policy on introducing solid foods by visiting their website

Visit the NHS Choices website for more information on weaning

Baby weaning guide