Meet our team

Our chefs have all worked in restaurants so they've got lots of professional tips and tricks to share with you. Some have been TV chefs and written cookbooks and one has even served breakfast to the Queen – but don't worry, there are no cheffy temperaments here, they're all friendly and patient!

Meet the chefs at King's Cross, Finchley Road, Salisbury and Cheltenham

Andy Morris, Finchley Road

Andy Morris, Finchley Road

Andy’s from Australia, and says his passion for food started when he was a teenager – he did his first cookery class at the age of 13. He’s worked at The Ledbury in Notting Hill and The Anglesea Arms in Hammersmith, and with Peter Gordon at The Providores, and before joining Waitrose & Partners, he co-owned the Brackenbury in West London. He enjoys sharing his professional experience on our classes.

‘I try to make my classes entertaining as well as educational, because we all remember those teachers at school who really brought a subject to life,’ he says. ‘And I like to explain the ‘why?’ as well as the ‘how?’ That’s what you don't tend to find in recipes, and it’s often a lightbulb moment for people.’ 

Signature dish: Anything Thai

Andy’s been visiting Thailand for many years, and his spicy curries are legendary.

Watch Andy give the classic burger a new twist with black garlic and Thai spices here.

Helen Carey, King’s Cross

Helen trained as a pastry chef with Marcus Wareing, and her passion for baking has also taken her to France, where she worked with renowned patissier Sébastien Gaudard at Pâtisserie des Martyrs in Paris. She’s inspired by classical techniques, and at the Cookery School, she aims to give people skills they can use across all their cooking.

‘I want them to leave us with more than just one set of recipes,’ she says. ‘I'll encourage them to taste as they go, so they understand how to season, and how to tell when something’s missing. And I teach them to work efficiently, like a chef does – taking shortcuts when it makes sense to do that, but knowing when it’s worth spending time to get the perfect result.’

Helen Carey, King’s Cross

Signature dish: Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes cooked in butter and garlic, and finished with basil and a splash of balsamic vinegar

‘I used to make this when I lived in Paris, in a tiny apartment with just a little two-burner hob, and it’s so comforting – I still cook it all the time.’

You don't make the grade in a Paris patisserie unless you can create perfect meringue - watch Helen make a classic Pavlova here.

Jessica Wooldridge, Sous Chef

Jessica Wooldridge, Salisbury

Jessica’s worked in the kitchens of the House of Commons, and in restaurants in London, Sydney and the French Alps, including stints at Tate Modern and the Sydney Opera House. She loves teaching, and making sure everyone on our classes goes away with the confidence to replicate the recipes they’ve cooked at the school.

‘It’s so rewarding to be able to show people how to do something I really care about. I like to keep my classes nice and relaxed, so that everyone can work at their own pace – it really doesn't matter whether you're a complete beginner, or you're already a keen cook, everyone can learn something in our classes.’

Signature dish: Sourdough bread

‘I like experimenting with different breads from around the world - sourdough is fascinating, and there’s so much to learn about it.’

Watch Jessica as she shares her professional tips for cooking the perfect, juicy steak here.

Andrew Roberts, Cheltenham

Andrew’s worked in two Michelin-starred restaurants, the Manor House in Castle Combe, Wiltshire, and The Square in London’s Mayfair. He’s a keen traveller and has taken culinary inspiration from many of the places he’s visited, picking up tips and techniques that he can share on our classes.

‘I love sharing my knowledge at the School,’ he says. ‘My classes are quite relaxed, and I want to make sure everyone has a good time while they learn. Everyone’s at different levels, so I make it my job to find out what each person wants to get out of the class, and make sure they get it.’

Jack Homer, Sous Chef

Signature dish: Pasticcio – layers of meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, with pasta, béchamel, mozzarella and parmesan.

‘It’s really delicious and always goes down well at dinner parties.’

Vietnam is one of the countries Andrew’s visited and taken inspiration from – watch him make Vietnamese rolls with a spicy dip here.