The Happy Pear

Dave and Steve Flynn, twin brothers with a passion for fruit and veg and known as The Happy Pear, started out in 2004 with a fruit and veg shop in their hometown of Greystones, on Ireland's east coast. That has transformed itself into a growing movement where they bring their culinary passion and knowledge for all things vegan to anyone interested in putting plant produce at the front and centre of mealtimes. The best-selling food writers say, "our simple recipes will fit any busy routine and they feature some of our favourite veg".

Vegan lasagne with basil cashew cream & celeriac
Vegan sweet potato & cranberry wreath
Pumpkin, red pepper & lentil soup
Pumpkin & spinach masala
Oyster mushroom sliders
Bakewell tart
Mini carrot cake muffins
Egg-free pavlova
Raw, vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free banoffeee
Courgette & lemon pound cake
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