Easter Saturday recipes


Dhruv Baker’s fajitas

“We all have dishes that we fall back on when we need something comforting, familiar and delicious - a culinary cuddle when we want a little boost. Fajitas are one of mine because they’re laden with memories from my childhood. They’re also incredibly simple, yet encompass some of my favourite flavours – cumin, smoky chipotle chilli and sweet, roasted red peppers. My guacamole is a far cry from the pale and creamy purée you may be accustomed to. I was taught the recipe when I was 18 and living in Mexico and I haven’t used another since. Wrapped up in corn tortillas, along with the zingy pineapple salsa and smoky chicken, this is a real winner of a family supper.” 


Dhruv Baker is the author of Spice (Weidenfeld& Nicolson) and chef-owner of The Jolly Gardeners.