Responsible Sourcing of Timber and Paper

Responsible sourcing of timber and paper

Waitrose recognises that the production of timber-based products has significant economic, environmental and social impacts. As a responsible retailer we have a role to play in supporting sustainable forestry practices and curbing the worldwide trade in illegal timber. Sustainable forestry
is defined as the management of forests in a way that maintains their biodiversity, productivity and regeneration capacity. It also considers their potential to fulfil ecological, economic and social functions both now and in the future.

Responsible forestry certification schemes like FSC and PEFC give independent assurance that timber products balance environmental, economic and social impacts. Waitrose actively works with suppliers to offer customers certified products, or where this is not yet possible, to make sure that all timber is legal and traceable. Our aim is that all Waitrose own brand paper and wood products are procured from recycled or certified sustainable sources.