Climate actions

Waitrose & Partners is committed to reducing our environmental impact to help to secure our business for the future. We’ve successfully reduced our operational emissions by 71% since 2010 and committed to having net zero carbon emissions in our own operations by 2050.

Reducing carbon emissions 

2035 is the latest we will make our entire operations net zero carbon. We aim to stop using fossil fuels across our entire transport fleet by 2030 and all our heavy goods vehicles will have been switched to low-carbon biomethane by 2028.

At the John Lewis Partnership we’ve always taken our environmental responsibilities seriously. We aim to use natural resources as efficiently as possible and innovate to reduce our environmental impact and emissions. We believe that by delivering more with less we can become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.  Read our latest Corporate Responsibility Report for more details.

The John Lewis Partnership Constitution states we must take all possible steps to minimise our impact on the environment and promote best practice

Backing renewables 
Since April 2018, 98% of our electricity has been certified as coming exclusively from UK renewable sources, such as wind, sun, tides and water. This move underlines our continuing commitment to tackle climate change as well as supporting the UK’s renewable energy sector.

Switching to greener transport

As part of our commitment towards a greener, cleaner, more sustainable future, we’re aiming for our transport fleet to be zero-carbon by 2045.

We’re already phasing out our diesel vehicles and rolling out a fleet of biomethane-fuelled trucks which emit 83% less CO2 than standard diesel alternatives. This will save more than 49,000 tonnes of CO2 across the Partnership every year, equivalent to the carbon footprint of over 6,000 UK households.

Waitrose & Partners is switching to greener, more sustainable transport

Never wasteful 

We are committed to reducing energy consumption and are proud to report that in across our operations we’ve reduced energy use by 22% per sqft from a 2010 baseline. We continue to invest in technologies like AirDoor and EcoBlade to further reduce our energy use.

We have diverted 99% of waste from landfill are committed to making sure that any construction work or refurbishment is carried out responsibly and in a way that makes the most efficient use of resources. Food Waste also has a big carbon impact and we are working hard to decrease food waste in our own operations, in our customers’ homes and are working with suppliers to tackle food waste on farm too. Read our latest Corporate Responsibility Report for our latest performance figures in full. 

Visit our Food Waste and Packaging & Plastics pages for more information on how we are reducing food waste and unnecessary plastics and packaging in our supply chain.