We're cutting energy


We're cutting energy (and growing trees)

We have been working to make our own business as sustainable as possible. Here are a few of the ways we're achieving that goal.

  1. We purchase green electricity 
  2. We send no food waste to landfill. All surplus food that is no longer edible (and so can't be donated to charity) is used to make energy through a process called 'anaerobic digestion'. This has also helped us to achieve our target of sending zero food waste to landfill
  3. We use low carbon technology in our shops
  4. We've planted trees with the Woodland Trust to absorb the carbon from our deliveries

You tell us you want to be as sustainable as possible at home too - so we want to help make that as easy as we can.

We also have car charging points at some of our branches, while green energy company, Ecotricity, have installed further charge points at Waitrose Welcome Break motorway service shops.

Find out more about Ecotricity.

At Waitrose we believe in making the right choices for the environment so we support LEAF and WildCare.


The LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) marque is a guarantee to consumers that the producer operates their business and production techniques in an environmentally responsible way.

Acting as a bridge between conventional and organic farming, the LEAF initiative encourages farmers to do more to protect and enhance the countryside by adhering to a series of integrated farm management principles including:

  • efficient soil management and appropriate cultivation techniques
  • the use of crop rotation
  • careful choice of seed varieties
  • a commitment to animal welfare and wildlife habitats
  • maintenance of the landscape and rural communities

LEAF is an independent charity dedicated to raising the integrity of British food and it advises farmers and growers on how they can meet the strict standards enabling them to display the LEAF marque on their products. Several farms that supply Waitrose already demonstrate the LEAF principles and we want to encourage all Britain’s farmers to produce food in the most responsible way, thereby offering our customers the ability to make an informed choice about the food they buy.

If you value wholesome, affordable food that is produced to environmentally and socially responsible standards then look out for the LEAF marque on Waitrose fruit and vegetables.

For more information about the LEAF initiative visit http://www.leafmarque.com/ (This link opens in a new window).

Leckford Estate ­- ­the Waitrose Farm - is a LEAF certifed farm. Find out more about Leckford Estate.


Waitrose essential Milk is helping Britain’s wildlife.

WildCare is an environmental scheme designed to improve the wildlife habitat on farms, increase biodiversity and species numbers. Its principal focus is on the creation of ‘wildlife corridors’ through effective environmental management of hedgerows, ditches, water courses and field margins.

This will provide the necessary habitats for many species of plants, insects, birds and mammals.

The WildCare scheme is based on a set of environmental standards that have been compiled in conjunction with The Wildlife Trust. The scheme links with DEFRA on agricultural policy in consideration of local, county and national Biodiversity Action Plans.

  • The WildCare initiative ensures all Waitrose essential milk producers ultimately dedicate a minimum of 10% of their farms to wildlife habitats, with the aim of improving biodiversity and species numbers on their land. However, farms assessed to date are achieving in excess of 15% over the national average.
  • Waitrose essential milk producers work with specialist wildlife advisers to develop Farm Wildlife Action Plans, with the aim of protecting and enhancing the wildlife on their farms. Each farm is monitored regularly to record changes in species numbers and biodiversity.
  • The WildCare scheme has been developed especially and exclusively for the Waitrose Farm Group. It is independent, measurable and fully endorsed by a well-respected and recognised body, The Wildlife Trust.

The farmers will receive a copy of their individual action plan, incorporating photographs from their farm, advice and support on how to develop the wildlife habitats in the future. The farms will be monitored closely for progress on the implementation of the action plan and record changes in biodiversity, species numbers and will publish results on the website.

The WildCare advisers will also work closely with The Wildlife Trust to ensure that there is a full understanding of the scheme’s standards. The Wildlife Trust monitors the WildCare scheme.

WildCare essential milk is available in branch. Find out more about our milk.

More information

For more information about WildCare, visit Wildcare (this link will open in a new window).