Frequently asked questions

How do I pick my own offers?

1. Log on to your account online. If you've not got an account, it's easy to set one up – just follow the instructions online. Your myWaitrose card will need to be registered to your account – we’ll prompt you to do this if necessary.

2. Click on ‘Make your picks’ and you’ll be taken straight to Pick Your Own Offers.

3. To get your 20% off, pick your 10 products from the hundreds available.

4. Once you've picked, click to confirm your 10 products and we’ll send you an email as a reminder of your choices.

5. Your 10 products will be linked to your myWaitrose card, which means your 20% OFF will be triggered automatically every time you shop in store or online at, using your myWaitrose card.

Not a myWaitrose member yet? No problem. You can also join myWaitrose online.

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