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Here, we're more than employees – we're OWNERS.

That's why we're called PARTNERS.

And that's why we all go ABOVE and BEYOND to share our KNOWLEDGE and PASSION for QUALITY FOOD with people who matter most – YOU, our customers.

Because for us IT'S PERSONAL.

Food to FEEL GOOD about

Can good values be good value? And can eating in really be as good as dining out? We think so.

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Working in PARTNERSHIP for a HAPPIER world

Because we believe that by working TOGETHER we can build a FAIRER, more sustainable future.

Shouldn't the chicken come first?

Shouldn’t the CHICKEN come first?

…and the pig, cow and farmer? Discover what we’re doing to work towards a happier, more sustainable world.

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How we're changing lives


....with our support for charities, including a happier future for children from care and a step-up for young people.

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In the begininning


(...well, in 1904) two young grocers, Wallace Waite and Arthur Rose, opened their first shop in Acton.

Our company history

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Business to business

We export own-label and branded goods to more than 50 countries

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How to supply Waitrose

How to supply Waitrose

Find out more about our work with regional, local and small suppliers

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