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When we ask more QUESTIONS, we get to better ANSWERS

At Waitrose, we never stop asking questions about the food you eat. Because we believe that when we ask more questions, we get to better answers. Watch our new ad and read below to discover how our food is food to feel good about. 

The most DELICIOUS food

It's full of flavour and made with quality ingredients.

Can eating in be as good as dining out?

Can EATING IN be as good as DINING OUT?

When your No.1 pizza is made with hand-stretched dough and wood fired for maximum flavour, we think it just might.

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Can meat-free be flavour-full?

Can meat-free be FLAVOUR-FULL?

Definitely. Our GoVeggie Aubergine & Feta Burgers blend bold spices for big, uncompromised flavour. 

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Food with VALUES

It's made with respect for nature, animals and the people who produced it.

Can pig farmers be paid fairly?

Can pig farmers be paid FAIRLY?

We're investing £16m in Britain's pig farmers to ensure their businesses are supported today and long into the future. Because our pig farmers are committed to the highest quality care, and we're committed to them. 

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Shouldn't dairy cows get more cow time?

Shouldn't dairy cows get more COW time?

We think so. When the weather's nice, the free range dairy cows that produce our fresh milk spend over half their year grazing outdoors. And when the weather's bad, they can relax indoors, just like the rest of us. 

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Shouldn't the chicken come BEFORE the egg?


We think so. That's why all our hens are free range, so they have plenty of room to peck, perch and play. 

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 First for animal welfare

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We’ve won more Compassion in World Farming awards than any other supermarket.

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