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What’s delicious in April

In a month full of promise with glimpses of sunshine and glorious early greens, try watercress, salad onions and rhubarb. Cauliflower is at its best right now: its mild flavour stands up well to spices and aromatics and it's known for its versatility. Blitz it into rice, roast it to bring out its nutty, sweet flavour or mash until silky smooth

Image of Whole roasted cauliflower with apricot harissa & garlic yogurt


Whole roasted cauliflower with apricot harissa & garlic yogurt

This plant-based dish is a bit special – you’ll love its spicy-sweet harissa-crust drizzled with a garlicky yogurt dressing

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Image of Spiced rhubarb & star anise sauce


Spiced rhubarb & star anise sauce

Rhubarb works beautifully alongside savoury foods like rich meats and cheeses – this sweet sauce can be applied liberally to anything you fancy

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Image of Salad onion oil noodles


Salad onion oil noodles

For a light meal, try these noodles cooked in oil infused with salad onions. Delicious eaten on its own or alongside grilled fish or chicken, serve with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds on top

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Packing a peppery punch, watercress is often used as a garnish or in salads, but it’s an ingredient to celebrate in its own right. When cooked, the raw leaves’ spicy kick is softened, unlocking a depth and slight bitterness that’s great in stews and bakes. It’s rich in vitamin C, and particularly lovely paired with salty cheese


Kept in the dark during the growing process, stalks of ‘forced rhubarb’ shoot upwards, seeking the light. The stems can show a whole spectrum of pinks, enhancing cakes and puddings, and they work well in savoury dishes too, when balanced with rich counterparts such as oily fish or goat’s cheese

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