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What is organic farming?

Organic food is farmed in harmony with nature, respecting animals and the environment. Organic farming standards promote sustainable production, the highest welfare standards and vibrant farmland wildlife. Produce and grains must be grown without artificial chemicals or fertilisers, and animals are raised on an organic diet without the routine use of antibiotics. All organic products sold in the UK must be certified by an organic certification body

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Fresh fruit and veg

Don't be afraid of a little dirt. Our organic fruit and vegetables are grown by farmers who use only natural fertilisers on their land

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Mindful meat choices

Our organic meat and poultry is always free-range, produced with respect for the animals and to strict organic standards. You can eat well knowing your food comes from trusted farms

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Eggs, milk and more

Yogurts, butter, milk and eggs from animals who enjoy an organic diet. Our chickens and dairy cows are cared for by a dedicated group of farmers chosen for their high welfare standards

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