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Passion Fruit

Passion fruit

Tart, sweet, slightly citrus... not only does passion fruit have a variety of tastes, there's the vibrant juice and crunchy seeds to enjoy, too. Use it as the crowning glory to a pavlova, to brighten up your breakfast, or to add interest to a cocktail. Bold, exotic and versatile, it's definitely one to try.

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Golden Kiwi

Gold kiwi fruit

Intensely sweet and juicy, gold kiwi fruit is a great source of vitamin C and folate, important for a healthy immune system. Not only is it a little powerhouse of nutrition, like its more common green relative, it makes a great snack and helps keep sweet cravings at bay. 

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We source our mangoes from around the world to get the best quality each season. They're hand picked and expertly ripened so they're sweet and juicy, ready to eat. Cut into wedges for kids to enjoy, finely dice and add to yogurt for a fruity pudding, or enjoy as part of a tropical fruit salad.

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August’s freshest fruits

Blackberries are just waiting for summer puddings, dressings and salads while cantaloupe melon can be enjoyed straight from the fridge or in a bowl of refreshing melon granita

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