Selection of Apples
Selection of Apples


English Apples

best of british

This selection brings you the pick of the season, including some apple varieties that are only available for a few weeks a year

Royal Gala Apples

royal gala

Sweet, crisp and juicy, this apple variety gets its beautiful colour from the British climate at this time of year

Duchy organic apples

duchy organic

Grown with beaming sunshine, water, nutrients from the orchard soil, and plenty of care from our dedicated growers

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10 best apple recipes

Our Suffolk pinks work well in any recipe that calls for sweet apples - from a traditional tart to a Thai-style salad

Picked at their peak

It takes 10 months to grow a good apple, and decades of experience. Third generation farmer Chris Elworthy oversees year-round care for his orchards in Kent to produce the best possible harvest, when each apple is hand-selected